How can we experiment with water through science?

One of the most popular experiments in the classroom and at home involves mixing different types of liquids. Using common household items, you can conduct a series of simple water density experiments to explain how different liquids behave in different ways. The first experiment, using rubbing alcohol, demonstrates the idea that rubbing alcohol has a … Read more

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

If you’re looking for Easy Science Experiments for Kids that your children will love, you can start with a simple experiment that teaches capillary action. By combining water and salt, you can create a water-salt-water experiment that will teach kids about how water moves. They can learn about color mixing and plant nutrition while learning … Read more

What is a chemical?

A chemical is a type of matter with a defined characteristic and constant chemical composition. Because of its characteristics, it can’t be separated into its constituent elements using physical separation methods. Instead, you must break chemical bonds in order to separate the substances’ constituent parts. Here’s a quick guide to the basic definition of a … Read more