How technology has changed our world

The evolution of smartphones, tablets, and the internet has led to a new lifestyle that revolves around convenience. People can purchase goods online and have them delivered the next day. In addition, social apps and video chat programs allow people to communicate with each other from anywhere. These technologies have made our lives easier, and … Read more

Which mobile phone is better than the iPhone?

There are a ton of differences between the iPhone and the Android platform. Although the iPhone offers better hardware and expandable memory, it lacks the customization options and overall value for money. Furthermore, it lacks a telephoto lens. In short, the Android platform is better in this department. But, the iPhone still has some strong … Read more

Can a mobile phone gaming hurt your eyes?

It’s been said that a lot of people playing mobile games tend to lose their peripheral vision. What exactly is this phenomenon and how does it affect you? Here are some of the answers you may be looking for. First, we should talk about the effect of these games on your eyes. If you are … Read more